Inspired by emotions, ‘Emozioni’ allows your jewellery the versatility to be a true extension of how you look and feel. Choose a stunning silver and real diamond coin keeper to house your personal collection of interchangeable coins. With many designs in a variety of vibrant colours and materials, there is an Emozioni coin and keeper combination to reflect your every outfit and mood!

Emozioni Zebra Coin – 25mm £24.95
Emozioni Yellow Gold & Silver Plate Ula Bangle £50.00
Emozioni Silver Plate Spike Bangle £49.95
Emozioni Rose Gold Reversible Coin Keeper – 25mm £99.95
Emozioni Rose Gold Plate Champagne Star Bangle £79.95
Emozioni Midnight Sparkle Arc Coin – 25mm £29.95
Emozioni Capri Sterling Silver Coin Keeper – 25mm £69.95
Emozioni Art Deco Curve Rose Gold Plated Coin – 25mm £49.95
Emozioni Acqua E Aria Rose Gold Plated Coin – 33mm £89.95
Please note - This is only a small example of our Emozioni selection. See in store for our full range