Nomination charms & bracelets are now available at James Hadley Fine Diamonds. One of the original charm bracelet concepts, Italian designer brand Nomination offer a huge selection of charms, letting you create a unique piece of jewellery to tell your own personal story.

Nomination Steel and Sterling Silver Heart £18.00
Nomination Stars above Starter Bracelet £110.00
Nomination Stainless Steel Composable starter Bracelet £10.50
Nomination Shark Charm £18.00
Nomination Rose Gold Pavé in in Stainless Steel with 9K Rose Gold and Cubic Zirconia White CZ £54.00
Nomination My Dog Charm £22.00
Nomination Guitar Charm £19.00
Nomination Gingerbread Man Charm £20.00
Nomination Big Love Heart Charm £26.00
Nomination Bear Charm £18.00
Nomination “A” Charm £18.00
Nomination Fall In Love Bracelet £159.00
Please note - This is only a small example of our Nomination selection. See in store for our full range